Reflections on leading the social media team at IFLA WLIC 2022

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O'Connor, Martin
De Paor, Saoirse
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Library Association of Ireland
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July 2022 finally saw IFLA WLIC (The International Federation of Library Associations World Library & Information Congress) come to Dublin. Originally slated for 2020 a pandemic meant it took place two years later than planned. So, in July, some 2,000 library professionals from over 100 countries descended on the Convention Centre, Dublin. Amongst these 2,000 were just over 200 volunteers from all across the globe, who, under the guidance of Lead Volunteers Eva Hornung and Clare Conneally, worked alongside IFLA and the IFLA Irish National Committee, to ensure the congress ran smoothly. This paper describes how we led one of those teams - a social media team of seven - whose job was to create content for the IFLA WLIC Communications team for IFLA WLIC website and social media. Our shared goal was to capture the buzz and energy of what for many was one of the most exciting weeks of their professional lives. What follows are our personal reflections on how we managed to achieve this.
Libraries , Leadership , Social media , Teamwork , IFLA
O'Connor, M. and De Paor, S. (2022) 'Reflections on Leading the Social Media Team at IFLA WLIC 2022', An Leabharlann: The Irish Library, 31 (2), pp. 16-19.