Environmental outcomes from licence enforcement activity

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Power, Bernadette
O'Connor, Ellen
Eakins, John
McInerney, Celine
Hellebust, Stig
Sullivan, Timothy
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Environmental Protection Agency
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The ultimate objective of environmental regulation is the prevention and reduction of environmental harm from pollution, habitat loss and resource depletion. This desk study reviewed the development of environmental performance measures for the promotion of compliance and the measurement of the impact of and outcomes from enforcement activity. The research also reviewed types of metrics of environmental outcomes available in Ireland and gaps in these metrics. The review examined new approaches that are more collaborative, as well as trends in environmental enforcement activities, coupled with recent developments in the environmental enforcement methods of enforcement agencies in Scotland, England and Wales, and Canada. The findings from this research provide an update of current practices and recent changes introduced in some jurisdictions, with the target audience being the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), industrial environmental managers and compliance officers, researchers and policymakers.
EPA Research Report No. 316
Licence enforcement , Compliance , Environmental regulation
Power, B., O'Connor, E., Eakins, J., McInerney, C., Hellebust, S. and Sullivan, T. (2020) Environmental outcomes from licence enforcement activity. Available at: https://www.epa.ie/publications/research/socio-economics/Research_Report_316.pdf (Accessed: 1 March 2023)
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