Synthesis and reactivity of α-diazosulfoxide and α-diazosulfone derivatives

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Kelleher, Patrick G.
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University College Cork
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The research described in this thesis involves the synthesis of α-diazo-β-oxo sulfoxides, and exploration of their reactivity. The first chapter includes an introduction to diazocarbonyl chemistry, specifically focusing on the synthesis of diazo compounds, and diazosulfoxide derivatives. The chemistry of sulfines, in particular the generation of α-oxo sulfines and their subsequent trapping as cycloadducts and dimerisation is discussed. The results of this research are discussed in the second and third chapters. The design, synthesis and reactivity of α-diazo-β-oxo sulfoxides is described in chapter 2 where diazo transfer adjacent to sulfoxides to form stable α-diazo-β-oxo sulfoxides has been achieved in cyclic systems. Decomposition of theses α-diazosulfoxides using rhodium carboxylate or carboxamide catalysts is also described. These processes proceed via a Wolff type rearrangement to form α-oxo sulfine intermediates, which were trapped as cycloadducts with dienes. In the absence of a diene trap, dimerisation of the sulfine intermediate was observed. Intramolecular C-H insertion reasctios of α-diazo-α-sulfonyl esters to form substituted sulfolane esters is described in chapter 3. The reactivity of these sulfolane esters is briefly explored. The fourth chapter contains the experimental details and the spectral and analytical data for all new compounds reported.
Intramolecular C-H insertion reactions , Design , Synthesis , Reactivity , Sulfoxides , Diazocarbonyl chemistry
Kelleher, P. G. 2000. Synthesis and reactivity of α-diazosulfoxide and α-diazosulfone derivatives. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.