The mobile cloud - more than a cloud

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O'Sullivan, Michael J.
Grigoras, Dan
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IIMC International Information Management Corporation Ltd.
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Nearly one billion smart mobile devices are now used for a growing number of tasks, such as browsing the web and accessing online services. In many communities, such devices are becoming the platform of choice for tasks traditionally carried out on a personal computer. However, despite the advances, these devices are still lacking in resources compared to their traditional desktop counterparts. Mobile cloud computing is seen as a new paradigm that can address the resource shortcomings in these devices with the plentiful computing resources of the cloud. This can enable the mobile device to be used for a large range of new applications hosted in the cloud that are too resource demanding to run locally. Bringing these two technologies together presents various difficulties. In this paper, we examine the advantages of the mobile cloud and the new approaches to applications it enables. We present our own solution to create a positive user experience for such applications and describe how it enables these applications.
Mobile cloud
O'SULLIVAN, M. J. & GRIGORAS, D. 2013. The mobile cloud - more than a cloud . In: CUNNINGHAM P. & CUNNINGHAM M. eds. eChallenges e-2013 Conference Proceedings. Dublin, Ireland, 9-11 Oct 2013. Dublin: IIMC International Information Management Corporation Ltd.
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