Mobile cloud contextual awareness with the cloud personal assistant

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O'Sullivan, Michael J.
Grigoras, Dan
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This paper presents our efforts to bridge the gap between mobile context awareness, and mobile cloud services, using the Cloud Personal Assistant (CPA). The CPA is a part of the Context Aware Mobile Cloud Services (CAMCS) middleware, which we continue to develop. Specifically, we discuss the development and evaluation of the Context Processor component of this middleware. This component collects context data from the mobile devices of users, which is then provided to the CPA of each user, for use with mobile cloud services. We discuss the architecture and implementation of the Context Processor, followed by the evaluation. We introduce context profiles for the CPA, which influence its operation by using different context types. As part of the evaluation, we present two experimental context-aware mobile cloud services to illustrate how the CPA works with user context, and related context profiles, to complete tasks for the user.
Mobile cloud , User experience , Applications , Services , Context awareness
O'SULLIVAN, M. J. & GRIGORAS, D. (2014) 'Mobile Cloud Contextual Awareness with the Cloud Personal Assistant'. International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud (FiCloud). Barcelona, 27-29 Aug. 2014. IEEE. pp.82-89. doi: 10.1109/FiCloud.2014.23
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