“It’s just like passing notes in class…”: a content analysis of the use of Twitter at #asl2015

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Rooney Ferris, Laura
O'Connor, Martin
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Library Association of Ireland
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Twitter has changed the dynamic of the academic conference. Before Twitter, delegate participation was primarily dependent on attendance and feedback was limited to post-event survey. With Twitter, delegates have become active participants. They pass comment, share reactions and critique presentations, all the while generating a running commentary. This study examines this phenomenon using the Academic & Special Libraries (A&SL) conference 2015 (hashtag #asl2015) as a case study. A post-conference survey was undertaken asking delegates how and why they used Twitter at #asl2015. A content and conceptual analysis of tweets was conducted using Topsy and Storify. This analysis examined how delegates interacted with presentations, which sessions generated most activity on the timeline and the type of content shared. Actual tweet activity and volume per presentation was compared to survey responses. Finally, recommendations on Twitter engagement for conference organisers and presenters are provided.
Conferences , Twitter , Social media
Rooney Ferris, L., O'Connor, M. (2015) '“It’s just like passing notes in class…”: a content analysis of the use of Twitter at #asl2015'. An Leabharlann, 24(2), pp. 10-17.