Studies on the texture, functionality, rheology and sensory properties of Cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses

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Moynihan, Anna Christina
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University College Cork
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The effect of fortification of skim milk powder and sodium caseinate on Cheddar cheeses was investigated. SMP fortification led to decreased moisture, increased yield, higher numbers of NSLAB and reduced proteolysis. The functional and texture properties were also affected by SMP addition and formed a harder, less meltable cheese than the control. NaCn fortification led to increased moisture, increased yield, decreased proteolysis and higher numbers of NSLAB. The functional and textural properties were affected by fortification with NaCn and formed a softer cheese that had similar or less melt than the control. Reducing the lactose:casein ratio of Mozzarella cheese by using ultrafiltration led to higher pH, lower insoluble calcium, lower lactose, galactose and lactic acid levels in the cheese. The texture and functional properties of the cheese was affected by varying the lactose:casein ratio and formed a harder cheese that had similar melt to the control later in ripening. The flavour and bake properties were also affected by decreased lactose:casein ratio; the cheeses had lower acid flavour and blister colour than the control cheese. Varying the ratio of αs1:β-casein in Cheddar cheese affected the texture and functionality of the cheese but did not affect insoluble calcium, proteolysis or pH. Increasing the ratio of αs1:β-casein led to cheese with lower meltability and higher hardness without adverse effects on flavour. Using camel chymosin in Mozzarella cheese instead of calf chymosin resulted in cheese with lower proteolysis, higher softening point, higher hardness and lower blister quantity. The texture and functional properties that determine the shelf life of Mozzarella were maintained for a longer ripening period than when using calf chymosin therefore increasing the window of functionality of Mozzarella. In summary, the results of the trials in this thesis show means of altering the texture, functional, rheology and sensory properties of Mozzarella and Cheddar cheeses.
Mozzarella , Cheddar , Cheese , Sensory , Texture , Functionality , Skim milk powder , Beta-casein , Camel chymosin , Sodium caseinate , Lactose:casein
Moynihan, A. C. 2015. Studies on the texture, functionality, rheology and sensory properties of Cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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