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    The vagina problem: a step too far in parent–child sex communication with young children
    (Taylor and Francis, 2024-05-30) Mannion, Áine B.; Conlon, Catherine; Health Service Executive
    Parents describe a want for better sex education for their young children compared to their own myth and silence-led experiences while growing up. However, introducing the vagina has proved a challenging step too far for many parents. This study arose from a secondary qualitative data analysis of 20 focus groups with parents in Ireland about how they engaged in body and sexuality communication and socialisation practices with young children, aged 4 to 9 years old. Though parents often utilised euphemisms, the language applied to male bodies tended to be generic, while euphemisms for female bodies tended to be family-specific. The language used in talking about the female body evaded reference to the vagina and talking about its functions. Protecting the child from knowledge about the sexual body was aligned with maintaining innocence and delaying the child’s transition to adulthood. Parents demonstrated a commitment to stop using myths but still placed boundaries around their young children’s sex education, albeit boundaries that were being redefined. Perpetuating intergenerational taboos, placing boundaries on knowledge of the sexual body, impacts a child’s ability to fully integrate their body into their sense of self.
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    Environmental activism on plastics through clinical legal education
    (American Bar Association, 2024) McIntyre, Owen
    Amid growing public awareness and concern regarding the true nature and extent of plastic pollution, and growing realization of the urgent need to transition away from petroleum-based plastics, consumers have a vital role to play in addressing the problem. Where they can make informed choices on avoiding products containing the most persistent and harmful plastics, consumers can lead the market away from its current reliance upon such plastics and can promote more sustainable production and consumption of similar or substitute materials.
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    From Here to Eternity? Perpetuities reform in Ireland
    (Round Hall, 2000-12) Mee, John
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    Lost in the Big House: Where stands Irish law on equitable estoppel?
    (Sweet & Maxwell/Round Hall, 1998-01) Mee, John
    Comparison of development of proprietary estoppel in England and Ireland, differences from promissory estoppel, and position in England, Ireland and Australia on unified system of estoppel.
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    The fee tail: Putting us out of its misery
    (Sweet & Maxwell/Round Hall, 2005) Mee, John
    Reports on the Irish Law Reform Commission's proposal to abolish the fee tail system, whereby an estate may only pass to the direct descendants of the original tenant. Examines the Commission's proposal concerning the conversion of existing fee tails to fee simple, and compares it to the proposal on the issue made by the Northern Ireland Land Law Working Group in 1990. Discusses the constitutionality of converting existing fee tails to fee simple, and suggests an alternative approach whereby all fee tails in possession are converted automatically. Legislation Cited: Fines and Recoveries (Ireland) Act 1834