A flood chronology for Cork city and its climatological background

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Tyrrell, John G.
Hickey, Kieran R.
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Geographical Society of Ireland
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A flood chronology for the city of Cork is presented for the period 1841–1988. The 292 floods which are reported are classified into six flood types primarily based on the relative role of rainfall and tidal conditions in each flood event. Changes over the 148 years in flood frequencies and flood types are outlined and assessed, primarily with respect to the significance of the atmospheric circulation patterns and wind direction, but also with reference to the occurrence of river discharge levels and tidal surges. The major cause of flooding is shown to be excessive rainfall, although high tides are also of considerable significance, especially those accompanied by storm surges.
Causes , Estuarine flooding , Cork city , Republic of Ireland , Floods , Wind , Rainfall
TYRRELL, J. G. & HICKEY, K. J. 1991. A flood chronology for Cork city and its climatological background. Irish Geography, 24, 81-90.