The TEACH report: traveller education and adults: crisis, challenge and change

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Hourigan, Niamh M.
Campbell, Maria
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National Association of Travellers’ Centres
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This report was commissioned by the National Association of Travellers’ Centres (NATC) in light of the findings of the Value for Money Review (2008) and the report of An Bord Snip Nua (2009) which recommended the phasing out of the Traveller Training Centres. The object of the research was not to reverse this recommendation but rather to map the way forward in terms of adult education for Travellers in 21st century Ireland. The rationale provided in both reports for the closure of the 33 TTC’s was the low rate of progression by Travellers from the Centres into mainstream, further and higher education and the workforce. This research began with the aim of interrogating why so little progression had emerged from the TTCs, from the perspective of education stakeholders and Travellers themselves.
Traveller Training Centres , Intercultural education , Progression
Hourigan, N., Campbell, M., (2010). The TEACH Report: Traveller Education and Adults: Crisis, Challenge and Change. Athlone, Ireland: National Association of Travellers’ Centres.