Breakthroughs and emerging insights from ongoing design science projects: Research-in-progress papers and poster presentations from the 11th international conference on design science research in information systems and technology (DESRIST) 2016. St. John, Newfoundland, Canada, May 23-25

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This volume contains selected research-in-progress papers and poster presentations from DESRIST 2016 - the 11th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology held during 24-25 May 2016 at St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. DESRIST provides a platform for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss Design Science research. The 11th DESRIST built on the foundation of ten prior highly successful international conferences held in Claremont, Pasadena, Atlanta, Philadelphia, St. Gallen, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Helsinki, Miami, and Dublin. This year's conference places a special emphasis on using Design Science to engage with the growing challenges that face society, including (but not limited to) demands on health care systems, climate change, and security. With these challenges in mind, individuals from academia and industry came together to discuss important ongoing work and to share emerging knowledge and ideas. Design Science projects often involve multiple sub-problems, meaning there may be a delay before the final set of findings can be laid out. Hence, this volume "Breakthroughs and Observations from Ongoing Design Science Projects" presents preliminary findings from studies that are still underway. Completed research from DESRIST 2016 is presented in a separate volume entitled "Tackling Society's Grand Challenges with Design Science", which is published by Springer International Publishing, Switzerland. The final set of accepted papers in this volume reflects those presented at DESRIST 2016, including 11 research-in-progress papers and 4 abstracts for poster presentations. Each research-in-progress paper and each poster abstract was reviewed by a minimum of two referees. We would like to thank the authors who submitted their research-in-progress papers and poster presentations to DESRIST 2016, the referees who took the time to construct detailed and constructive reviews, and the Program Committee who made the event possible. Furthermore we thank the sponsoring organisations, in particular Maynooth University, Claremont Graduate University, and Memorial University of Newfoundland, for their financial support. We believe the research described in this volume addresses some of the most topical and interesting design challenges facing the field of information systems. We hope that readers find the insights provided by authors as valuable and thought-provoking as we have, and that the discussion of such early findings can help to maximise their impact.
Design science research
Parsons, J., Tuunanen, T., Venable, J. R., Helfert, M., Donnellan, B., & Kenneally, J. (eds.) Breakthroughs and Emerging Insights from Ongoing Design Science Projects: Research-in-progress papers and poster presentations from the 11th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology (DESRIST) 2016. St. John, Canada, 23-25 May.
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