Legends as music: new composition in the traditional Irish idiom

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Ó Corragáin, Fiachra
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University College Cork
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Engaging Ireland’s rich heritages of traditional music, story-telling, song, dance, and language, this doctoral composition project is a unique undertaking in the amalgamation of native art forms and the narrative realisation of Irish legends. The centrepiece of the project comprises of two collections of compositions inspired by the legends Oidhe Chloinne Lir (the tragic fate of the children of Lir) and Loinges Mac nUislenn (the exile of the sons of Uisliu). An interdisciplinary approach of traditional research and creative practice was employed in the development of this project, which informed and supported the formulation of personal and distinctive recensions of the chosen narratives, and the composition of over three hundred new works. Grounded in Irish traditional music, the compositional voice speaks in the familiar styles and structures of the idiom, and also resonates in contemporary and singular spaces. The Irish harping tradition is continued and extended in this research through the composition and recording of new music which is particularly suited to the instrument. Outputs include contextual, critical, and creative writings, recordings, video materials, musical scores, and storyboard and performance design artwork.
Music , Musical composition , Irish legends , Traditional Irish music , Contemporary music , Legends & mythology , Irish dance , Irish story-telling tradition , Irish language
Ó Corragáin, F. 2016. Legends as music: new composition in the traditional Irish idiom. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.