Electrochemical formation of ordered pore arrays in InP in KCl

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Quill, Nathan
Lynich, Robert P.
O'Dwyer, Colm
Buckley, D. Noel
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Electrochemical Society
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Pores are formed electrochemically in n-InP in KCl electrolytes with concentrations of 2 mol dm-3 or greater. The pore morphology is similar to what is seen in other halide-based electrolytes. At low potentials, crystallographically oriented (CO) pores are formed. At higher potentials, current-line oriented (CLO) pores are formed. Crystallographically oriented pore walls are observed for both pore morphologies. When formed at a constant current, potential oscillations are observed which have been correlated to oscillations in the pore width. The CLO pore wall smoothness and overall uniformity increase as KCl concentration is increased. The porous structures formed in KCl compare favourably with those formed in the more acidic or alkaline electrolytes that are typically used to form these structures.
Electrolytes , Morphology , Nanotechnology , Pore pressure , Quay walls , Alkaline electrolytes , Constant current , Electrochemical formation , Pore arrays
Quill, N., Lynch, R. P., O'Dwyer, C. and Buckley, D. N. (2012) 'Electrochemical formation of ordered pore arrays in InP in KCl', ECS Transactions 50(6), pp. 377-392. http://ecst.ecsdl.org/content/50/6/377.abstract
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