Location dependence of a MEMS electromagnetic transducer with respect to an AC power source

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Houlihan, Ruth
Olszewski, Oskar Zbigniew
Waldron, Finbarr
O'Neill, Mike
Mathewson, Alan
Jackson, Nathan
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A MEMS, silicon based device with a cantilever oscillationsand an integrated magnet is presented for magnetic to electrical transduction. The cantilever structure can be configured either as an energy harvester to harvest power from an AC power line or as an AC current sensor. The positioning of the transducer with respect to the AC conductor is critical in both scenarios. For the energy scavenger, correct positioning is required to optimize the harvested power. For the current sensor, it is necessary to optimise the sensitivity of the sensor. This paper considers the effect of the relative position of the transducer with respect to the wire on the resulting electromagnetic forces and torques driving the device. It is shown here that the magnetic torque acting on a cantilever beam with an integrated magnet and in the vicinity of an alternating electromagnetic field is a very significant driver of the cantilever oscillations.
Electrical transduction , Cantilever oscillations , Cantilever oscillations , MEMS , MEMS cantilever
Houlihan, R., Olszewski, O., Waldron, F., O’Neill, M., Mathewson, A. and Jackson, N. (2016) ‘Location Dependence of a MEMS Electromagnetic Transducer with respect to an AC Power Source’, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 757, 012041. doi: 10.1088/1742-6596/757/1/012041