Pain management in the older adult: the relationship between nurses’ knowledge, attitudes and nurses’ practice in Ireland and Jordan

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Alomari, Domam
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University College Cork
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Background: Regardless of the availability of advanced nursing care, pain in older adult patients continues to be undertreated due to lack of nurses’ knowledge and negative attitudes which consequently affect their pain management practice. Researchers over the last decade have been concentrating on the description of nurses’ knowledge, attitudes and practice of pain management in isolation. However, none of these studies attempted to investigate the relationship between these variables using the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) model. Aim: to measure nurses’ knowledge of and attitudes toward pain management and to describe the factors associated with nurses’ acute pain management practice in the context of caring for older adult patients. Method: Quantitative, correlational, comparative and cross-sectional survey approach was used. Data Collection: Data were collected from two private hospitals in Ireland and Jordan. Sample: A sample of 267 registered nurses, 126 from Ireland and 141 from Jordan. Results: A multiple linear regression analysis revealed that knowledge and attitude toward pain management in general was associated with pain management practice, regression coefficient of 0.14 (p=0.002). Country and gender were also statistically significantly associated with scores on the pain management practices scale (p<0.001, p=0.025) respectively. To investigate country-specific variables, interaction terms were added to the final model and the analysis was rerun. The overall regression model was significant (p<0.001) with an R2 value of 42.2%, indicating that 42.2% of the variation in scores was explained by the KAP model. Conclusion: The current study adds to the body of knowledge associated with nursing research, education and practice of pain management among older adult patients and the use of the KAP model. Nurses’ country of practice and gender are variables that that may affect nurses’ pain management practices. The current study demonstrated that the KAP model could be used for pain management in the context of older adult patients.
Pain , Older adult , Knowledge , Attitude , Practice
Alomari, D. 2017. Pain management in the older adult: the relationship between nurses’ knowledge, attitudes and nurses’ practice in Ireland and Jordan. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.