42.6 Gbit/s fully integrated all-optical XOR gate

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Dailey, James M.
Ibrahim, Selwan K.
Manning, Robert J.
Webb, Rod P.
Lardenois, Sébastien
Maxwell, Graeme D.
Poustie, Alistair J.
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We demonstrate an SOA-based all-optical high-speed Mach-Zehnder interferometer exclusive- OR (XOR) gate fabricated in a silica III-V hybrid-integration technology platform.  The device includes integrated time delays for rapid differential operation as well as integrated phase shifters for fine tuning of power splitters and interferometer bias enabling highly optimized XOR gate operation.  XOR functionality is verified through inspection of the output pulse sequence and the carrier-suppressed output spectrum.  A 2.3 dB penalty for a 42.6 Gb/s RZ-OOK signal at a 10-9 bit error rate is observed.
Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Dailey, J.M., Ibrahim, S.K., Manning, R.J., Webb, R.P., Lardenois, S., Maxwell, G.D., Poustie, A.J. (2009) '42.6 Gbit/s Fully Integrated All-Optical XOR Gate'. Electronics Letters, 45(20), 1047 - 1049. doi: 10.1049/el.2009.2036