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  • Aili, Maimaiti (University College Cork, 2017)
    Optical manipulation in the vicinity of ultrathin optical fibres has shown potential across several fields including control and delivery of dielectric, metallic and biological microscopic objects, and cold atom probing ...
  • Chung, Tung-Hsun (University College Cork, 2016)
    Quantum information technology is an interdisciplinary subject, merging quantum mechanics and information science. In this field, the building blocks are quantum bits (qubits), which are superposition quantum states of ...
  • Kiely, Anthony (University College Cork, 2017)
    Adiabatic processes in quantum mechanics are very useful to prepare and manipulate quantum states but have the drawback of requiring long operation times. Hence there is a long time for the system to interact with its ...
  • Chullipalliyalil, Krishnakumar (University College Cork, 2016)
    The fluorescence properties of two high quantum yield substances, Rhodamine 101 and Yb3+, were studied in different molecular environments. The prompt emission properties of these compounds were spectroscopically characterized ...
  • Fabbri, Simon (University College Cork, 2016)
    The continuous growth of the network capacity demand drives the development of the optical fiber networks. Since optical super-channels carrying multi- Terabit/s transmissions are the next evolution of the optical links, ...

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