Poor uptake of reproductive health screening services by female renal transplant recipients.

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Kerkhoff, Barbara A.
O'Connor, T.C.F.
Plant, William D.
Higgins, John R.
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Irish Medical Organization
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Women with functioning renal transplants are a high-risk group for de novo malignancies and other gynaecological health problems. The objective of this study was to assess patients awareness of gynaecological issues, and to assess uptake of cervical and breast cancer screening services. A structured questionnaire on family planning, menopausal issues and knowledge/use of cervical and breast cancer screening was administered to 64 female renal transplant recipients. 58 (91%) responded to the questionnaire. Mean age at first transplantation was 35 years (range 11 - 69). 84% were aware as to why they should have regular cervical smears. 15 (26%) had, however, never had a smear and only 9 (16%) were having yearly smears. 12 of 28 postmenopausal women entered the menopause under the age of 41 years, but only 5 of these had received Hormone Replacement Therapy. Breast self examination is practiced by 71%, but only 26% have had mammograms. These figures suggest that female renal transplant patients are not adequately screened for cervical and breast cancer. The results also indicate a need for further education regarding family planning issues and menopausal health concerns. We conclude that formal gynaecological review should be routinely available for women with renal transplants.
Female renal transplant recipients , De novo malignancies , Reproductive health screening , Gynaecological problems , Immunosuppressive therapy , Chronic kidney disease
Kerkhoff BA, O'Connor TC, Plant WD, Higgins JR; (2006) 'Poor uptake of reproductive health screening services by female renal transplant recipients'. Irish Medical Journal, 99 (3):78-80.
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