Electrical/optical dual-function redox potential transistor

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Li, Shunpu
Wang, Wensi
Xu, Ju
Chu, Daping
Shen, Z. John
Roy, Saibal
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Nature Publishing Group
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We demonstrate a new type of transistors, the electrical/optical “dual-function redox-potential transistors”, which is solution processable and environmentally stable. This device consists of vertically staked electrodes that act as gate, emitter and collector. It can perform as a normal transistor, whilst one electrode which is sensitised by dye enables to generate photocurrent when illuminated. Solution processable oxide-nanoparticles were used to form various functional layers, which allow an electrolyte to penetrate through and, consequently, the current between emitter and collector can be controlled by the gate potential modulated distribution of ions. The result here shows that the device performs with high ON-current under low driving voltage (<1 V), while the transistor performance can readily be controlled by photo-illumination. Such device with combined optical and electrical functionalities allows single device to perform the tasks that are usually done by a circuit/system with multiple optical and electrical components, and it is promising for various applications.
Field-effect transistor , Organic transistors , Carbon nanotube , Mobility , Graphene , Polymer , Single
Li, S., Wang, W., Xu, J., Chu, D., Shen, Z. J. and Roy, S. (2013) 'Electrical/optical dual-function redox potential transistor', Scientific Reports, 3, 3391 (5pp). doi:10.1038/srep03391