The detuning effects of a wrist-worn antenna and design of a custom antenna measurement system

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Buckley, John
McCarthy, Kevin G.
O'Flynn, Brendan
Ó Mathúna, S. Cian
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This paper investigates the effects of antenna detuning on wireless devices caused by the presence of the human body,particularly the wrist. To facilitate repeatable and consistent antenna impedance measurements, an accurate and low cost human phantom arm, that simulates human tissue at 433MHz frequencies, has been developed and characterized. An accurate and low cost hardware prototype system has been developed to measure antenna return loss at a frequency of 433MHz and the design, fabrication and measured results are presented. This system provides a flexible means of evaluating closed-loop reconfigurable antenna tuning circuits for use in wireless mote applications.
Antenna detuning , Wireless devices , Wrist-worn antenna , Antenna impedance measurements , Wireless mote applications
Buckley, J., McCarthy, K. G., O' Flynn, B. and O Mathuna, C. (2010) 'The detuning effects of a wrist-worn antenna and design of a custom antenna measurement system'. The 3rd European Wireless Technology Conference, Paris, France, 27-30 September, pp. 1738-1741.
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