Dutch influence in the urban landscape of Cork City pre-1800: Fact or myth?

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McCarthy, J. P.
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The early years of the eighteenth century Irish port town, Cork saw an expansion of its city limits, an era of reconstruction both within and beyond the walls of its Medieval townscape and a reclamation of its marshlands to the east and west. New people, new ideas and the beginnings of new wealth infused the post Elizabethan character of the recently siege battered city. It also brought a desire for something different, something new, an opportunity to redefine the ambience and visual perception of the urban landscape and thereby make a statement about its intended cultural and social orientations. It brought an opportunity to re-imagine and model a new, continental style of place and surrounding environment.
Cork City , Urban landscape , Dutch influence , Merchants , Marshland development , Meer Dyke , Cork (Ireland)
MCCARTHY, J. P. 2011. Dutch Influence in the Urban Landscape of Cork City pre-1800: Fact or Myth? Dutch Crossing: Journal of Low Countries Studies, 35, 63-88. doi: 10.1179/155909011X12930363744188
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