Butterfly packaged low-linewidth optical comb source

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Alexander, Justin K.
Morrissey, Padraic E.
Yang, Hua
Yang, M.
Zhao, Y.
Rensing, Marc
O'Brien, Peter A.
Peters, Frank H.
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Institution of Engineering and Technology
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A packaged optical comb source is demonstrated. A low-linewidth optical comb source is designed and fabricated. The device is packaged in a seven-pin high-speed butterfly package with an subminiature version A (SMA) connector for RF modulation and fibre pigtail. Fibre coupling efficiency is estimated at 43%. The packaged comb source is shown to have a linewidth of 300 kHz for the comb line set when modulated at 4 GHz, with eight comb lines within 3 dB of each other. The prototype packaged comb source has applications in high bandwidth telecommunications.
Optical design techniques , Optical fibre communication , Optical fibre couplers , Optical fibre fabrication , Optical frequency combs , Optical interconnections , Optical modulation , Packaging , High bandwidth telecommunications , Fibre coupling efficiency , Fibre pigtail , RF modulation , SMA connector , Seven-pin high-speed butterfly package , Low-linewidth optical comb source , Butterfly packaged optical comb source , Frequency 300 kHz , Frequency 4 GHz
Alexander, J. K., Morrissey, P. E., Yang, H., Yang, M., Zhao, Y., Rensing, M., O’Brien, P. and Peters, F. H. (2017) ‘Butterfly packaged low-linewidth optical comb source’, Electronics Letters, 53(9), pp. 615-616. doi:10.1049/el.2017.0378
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