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  • Wei, Mingdeng; Wang, Kaixue; Yanagida, Masatoshi; Sugihara, Hideki; Morris, Michael A.; Holmes, Justin D.; Zhou, Haoshen (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2007-07-19)
    In this study, a high light-to-electricity conversion efficiency of 5.14% was achieved by applying a TiO2 thin film with a thickness of 1.87 µm as an electrode material under an AM 1.5 solar light (100 mW cm−2). This high ...
  • Arnold, Donna C.; Holmes, Justin D. (SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2007-12)
  • Holmes, Justin D.; Morris, Michael A.; Ryan, Kevin M. (IOS Press, 2003)
    In this chapter is described a novel approach for synthesizing mesoporous silicas with tunable pore diameters, wall thickness and pore spacings that can be used as templates for the assembly of semiconductor nanowire arrays. ...
  • Erts, Donats; Lohmus, Ants; Holmes, Justin D.; Olin, Hakan (Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2007)
    In the past twenty years, powerful tools such as atomic force microscopy have made it possible to accurately investigate the phenomena of friction and wear, down to the nanometer scale. Readers of this book will become ...
  • Calado, Helena; Fonseca, Catarina; Ansong, Joseph Onwona; Frias, Manuel; Vergílio, Marta (Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2019-01-24)
    The practice of Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) has developed substantially during the last decade, calling for more qualified professionals. Education, training, and growth capacity for MSP, however, are (still) some of ...

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