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  • Stevenson, Nathan J.; O'Toole, John M.; Rankine, Luke J.; Boylan, Geraldine B.; Boashash, Boualem (Elsevier, 2012-05)
    Automated methods of neonatal EEG seizure detection attempt to highlight the evolving, stereotypical, pseudo-periodic, nature of EEG seizure while rejecting the nonstationary, modulated, coloured stochastic background ...
  • Stevenson, Nathan J.; Mesbah, Mostefa; Boashash, Boualem (Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2010-08)
    This study proposes a novel, composite time-frequency distribution (TFD) constructed using a multiple-view approach. This composite TFD utilises the intrinsic mode functions (IMFs) of the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) ...
  • Stevenson, Nathan J.; Mesbah, Mostefa; Boylan, Geraldine B.; Colditz, Paul B.; Boashash, Boualem (Springer Verlag, 2010-09)
    Newborn EEG is a complex multiple channel signal that displays nonstationary and nonlinear characteristics. Recent studies have focussed on characterizing the manifestation of seizure on the EEG for the purpose of automated ...

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