The importance and benefits of supervision in youth work practice

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Jenkinson, Hilary
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This article explores the concept of supervision and its implementation within a youth work context. The paper describes and explores a process of staff development facilitated by the author which involved providing supervision training to a group of youth work practitioners at Cork YMCA in Ireland and continuing to meet them on a monthly basis over a period of a year in a mentoring capacity. These sessions provided a supportive space for supervisors and aimed to facilitate a reflective process in relation to their own supervisory practice. This paper explores the opportunities and challenges of the supervision process, advocates the importance of supervision in ensuring effective youth work practice and identifies the beneficial impact of this at a number of levels. 
Supervision , Youth work , Youth workers
Jenkinson, H; (2010) 'The Importance and Benefits of Supervision in Youth Work Practice'. Child & Youth Services, 31 (3):157-169.
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