Three phase state estimation in power distribution networks by integrating IEEE-1588 with smart meters

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Khan, Maman Ahmad
Hayes, Barry P.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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This paper proposes a novel design for distribution system monitoring using a Modified Smart Meter (MSM) to enable accurate, time-synchronised measurements. The detailed design and the operation of the MSM are explained in this paper. The Precision Time Protocol (PTP), IEEE 1588, provides the main feature of time synchronisation in the MSM. The MSM uses the existing smart meter sensor hardware for collecting data measurements. This technique is expected to reduce the overall cost of MSM based distribution network monitoring implementation compared to the system based on Phasor Measurement Unit (PMUs). Some applications of the proposed MSM are outlined, and the applicability of the MSM is tested by simulating three-phase state estimation using standard IEEE networks and comparing its performance to standard PMU devices. The results indicate that the MSM could represent a viable monitoring solution for MV and LV distribution networks, providing an acceptable trade-off between performance and cost.
Phasor measurement units , Smart meters , Clocks , Protocols , Real-time systems , Monitoring , State estimation , Distribution system state estimation , Modified smart meter , Phasor measurement unit , Precision time protocol , Three phase unbalanced networks
Khan, M. A. and Hayes, B. P. (2019) 'Three phase state estimation in power distribution networks by integrating IEEE-1588 with smart meters', 2019 International Conference on Smart Grid Synchronized Measurements and Analytics (SGSMA), College Station, TX, USA, 21-23 May. doi: 10.1109/SGSMA.2019.8784661
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