Building fire emergency detection and response using wireless sensor networks

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Zeng, Yuanyuan
Murphy, Seán Óg
Sitanayah, Lanny
Tabirca, Tatiana M.
Thuy T.
Brown, Kenneth N.
Sreenan, Cormac J.
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Dublin Institute of Technology
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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) provide a low cost solution with respect to maintenance and installation and in particular, building refurbishment and retrofitting are easily accomplished via wireless technologies. Fire emergency detection and response for building environments is a novel application area for the deployment of wireless sensor networks. In such a critical environment, timely data acquisition, detection and response are needed for successful building automation. This paper presents an overview of our recent research activity in this area. Firstly we explain research on communication protocols that are suitable for this problem. Then we describe work on the use of WSNs to improve fire evacuation and navigation.
Wireless sensor networks , Fire detection , Fire evacuation , Emergency response
Zeng, Y., Murphy, S., Sitanayah, L., Tabirca, T., Truong, T., Brown, K. and Sreenan, C. (2009) 'Building fire emergency detection and response using wireless sensor networks', Ninth IT and T Conference, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland, 22nd-23rd October.
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