Feenagh-Kilmeedy community study

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Kearney, Sinead
Kelly, Sinead
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Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork
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This research study began with the meeting of community representatives from Feenagh-Kilmeedy with Sinéad Kearney and Sinéad Kelly, two student members of University College Cork’s Centre for Planning Education and Research. During this introductory meeting representatives of the Feenagh-Kilmeedy community expressed their concern regarding the effects of rural depopulation and loss of services on the community and the possible consequences for its future. Together it was decided to carry out research as part of the Community Academic Research Link (CARL) initiative in UCC under which the students would produce a socio-economic study of Feenagh-Kilmeedy. This plan essentially provides a scoping study that contextualizes the issues and challenges being faced by Feenagh-Kilmeedy. Key concepts that emerged from the research and consultation process include: • Community engagement; • Rural Development; • Local Service Provision; • Local Service Provision; and • The effects of planning policy on rural areas.
Community study , Feenagh-Kilmeedy , Community development , Rural depopulation , Community engagement , Rural development , Local service provision , Effects of planning policy on rural areas
Kearney, S. and Kelly, S. (2017) Feenagh-Kilmeedy community study. Cork: Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork.
©2017, Sinead Kearney and Sinead Kelly.