The second city's second city

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Linehan, Denis
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Enclave Review
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Down on Docklands this week even the leaves on the trees are smiling. Long evenings are on their way to midsummer and the tree-­‐green canopy over Centre Park Road frames strollers, joggers, cyclists, mothers with little daughters, sleeping babies in three-­‐wheels all-­‐terrain buggies, intertwined lovers and rushing power-­‐walkers – all moving through the ruins of a past economy. Leading to the Marina and the small harbour at Blackrock, this boulevard of tall verdant hedges hides the old factories, warehouses and yards that once heaved with industry, turning out tractors and cars, tyres, fertilizer and other products whose precise form is lost, but whose presence lingers in the design of the workshops. Glimpses into vacant lots through wire fences reveal a population of dusty lorries and vans that look like they might have been parked for years, together with machines in various shades of steel blue, yellow and mustard, whose obscure uses conjure up images of manufacture and days spent labouring....
Enclave Review
Cork docklands , Urban renewal
Linehan, Denis; (2010) The Second City's Second City. Enclave Review, Issue 1, Summer.
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