Coaches' experience of the "Gaelic4Teens" program in Ireland

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O'Brien, Wesley
Hogan, Irene
Coppinger, Tara
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Human Kinetics
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This paper examines Irish volunteer coaches’ experiences of the content and delivery of the “Gaelic4Teens” coach education initiative, and further seeks to evaluate if participants coaching behavior changed as a result. The Gaelic4Teens program aims to help coaches better understand the female teenage participant through enhancing the coach–athlete relationship, which in turn, seeks to help retain young females in the sport. Qualitative data were gathered over a 16-week period from August to November 2020 and comprised of pre and post online focus groups with eight (three females and five males) volunteer coaches; one from each of the eight rural community sport settings (n = 8) in Ireland. Findings revealed that the coach education program had a meaningful impact on coaches’ abilities to competently work with female adolescents. Specifically, the Gaelic4Teens program is effective as a blended learning coach education program that encouraged a coaching environment that empowered the female athletes. Further analysis, with additional stakeholder input, is warranted to ascertain its long-term effectiveness.
Physical activity , Screen time , Individual sport , Team sport , Female
O'Brien, W., Hogan, I. and Coppinger, T. (2022) 'Coaches' experience of the "Gaelic4Teens" program in Ireland', International Sport Coaching Journal, 10(1), pp. 70-77. doi: 10.1123/iscj.2021-0094
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