Ordered magnetic dipoles: controlling anisotropy in nanomodulated continuous ferromagnetic films

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Maity, Tuhin
Li, Shunpu
Keeney, Lynette
Roy, Saibal
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In this paper, the research focus is how to entangle magnetic dipoles to control/engineer magnetic properties of different devices at a submicron/nano scale. Here, we report the generation of synthetic arrays of tunable magnetic dipoles in a nanomodulated continuous ferromagnetic film. In-plane magnetic field rotations in modulated Ni 45Fe 55 revealed various rotational symmetries of magnetic anisotropy due to dipolar interaction with a crossover from lower to higher fold as a function of modulation geometry. Additionally, the effect of aspect ratio on symmetry shows a novel phase shift of anisotropy, which could be critical to manipulate the overall magnetic properties of the patterned film. The tendency to form vortex is in fact found to be very small, which highlights that the strong coupling between metastable dipoles is more favorable than vortex formation to minimize energy in this nanomodulated structure. This has further been corroborated by the observation of step hysteresis, magnetic force microscopy images of tunable magnetic dipoles, and quantitative micromagnetic simulations. An analytical expression has been derived to estimate the overall anisotropy accurately for nanomodulated film having low magnetocrystaline anisotropy. Derived mathematical expressions based on magnetic dipolar interaction are found to be in good agreement with our results.
Thin films , Nanomagnets , Dependence , Transition , Roughness
Maity, T., Li, S., Keeney, L. and Roy, S. (2012) 'Ordered magnetic dipoles: controlling anisotropy in nanomodulated continuous ferromagnetic films'. Physical Review B, 86, 024438. http://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/PhysRevB.86.024438
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