Freedom of association in France: A freedom in danger?

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Barbé, Vanessa
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School of Law, University College Cork
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In France, freedom of association is protected since a law of 1901 (section 2) and has a constitutional and international value (section 3). However, there are many justifications for the dissolution of associations (section 4), the number of which has increased since 2017 (subsection 4.1). This paper analyses a recent modification of the law of associations in 2021, through the case of the dissolution of an undeclared association which is accused to ‘provoke violent acts against persons or property’ (subsection 4.2). Another modification in 2021 deals with the public funding of associations, with the establishment of the ‘republican commitment contract’ that associations must sign before applying for a public subsidy (section 5). Freedom of association seems to be in danger in France because of the multiplication of legal restrictions on this freedom, justified by its ambiguous nature (section 6).
Freedom of association , France
Barbé, V. (2024) 'Freedom of association in France: A freedom in danger?', Societās Working Paper 15/2024 (19pp). Cork: School of Law, University College Cork.
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