Grid integration of wave energy & generic modelling of ocean devices for power system studies

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Blavette, Anne
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University College Cork
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The work presented in this thesis covers four major topics of research related to the grid integration of wave energy. More specifically, the grid impact of a wave farm on the power quality of its local network is investigated. Two estimation methods were developed regarding the flicker level Pst generated by a wave farm in relation to its rated power as well as in relation to the impedance angle ψk of the node in the grid to which it is connected. The electrical design of a typical wave farm design is also studied in terms of minimum rating for three types of costly pieces of equipment, namely the VAr compensator, the submarine cables and the overhead line. The power losses dissipated within the farm's electrical network are also evaluated. The feasibility of transforming a test site into a commercial site of greater rated power is investigated from the perspective of power quality and of cables and overhead line thermal loading. Finally, the generic modelling of ocean devices, referring here to both wave and tidal current devices, is investigated.
Wave energy , Power quality , Grid impact , Power system , Grid integration , Ocean energy , Generic modelling , Flicker , Dimensioning , Thermal loading
Blavette, A. 2013. Grid integration of wave energy & generic modelling of ocean devices for power system studies. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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