What are the effects of acquired hearing loss in older people?

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Walsh, Amy Katherine
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Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork
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Background: Acquired hearing loss (AHL) is defined as a hearing loss which is acquired after birth or at any other time in one’s life. In Ireland, one in every twelve adults has a permanent hearing loss as a result of aging or exposure to noise. Aim: The experiences of the older Irish population has not yet been researched, therefore this study aimed to investigate the experiences of members of the Cork Deaf Association (CDA) who have an acquired hearing loss (AHL). Methods: This study was a pilot study in collaboration with CARL and the Cork Deaf Association which used a qualitative research design. Data was gathered using an open ended questionnaire which was distributed by the CDA to 30 potential participants. Data was analysed using a latent thematic approach. Results:12 members of the CDA responded to the questionnaires. From these responses four themes were identified. They included emotional well-being, management strategies and habilitation, alienation and promoting awareness. This study supported the hypothesis that AHL can have a negative effect on older people Conclusion: Further research is needed in this area in order to get a deeper insight into the effects AHL has on the older Irish population as a whole. Promoting awareness within communities may help older people with AHL to re-integrate into society and help eliminate the feeling of isolation and alienation.
Acquired hearing loss , Older people , Permanent hearing loss , Cork Deaf Association , AHL , Exposure to noise , Aging
Walsh, A. K. (2018) What are the effects of acquired hearing loss in older people? Cork: Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork.
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