UCC enters Cork Prison: Transformative pedagogy through arts education

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Cronin, James G. R.
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University College Cork
National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
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This paper makes explicit processes of collaboration in a learning community partnership between Cork Prison and University College Cork (UCC). Cork Prison is a closed, medium security prison for adult males. It is a committal prison for counties Cork, Kerry and Waterford. The learning partnership has two objectives: firstly, to foster critical thinking strategies influenced by UCC’s application of the Project Zero Classroom, Harvard Graduate School of Education; secondly, to support student voices by promoting conversations on creativity resulting in the production of artworks exhibited during summertime on Spike Island, Cork Harbour, communicating prison as community in society.
Cork Prison , University College Cork , Collaboration , Learning community partnership , Creativity , Artworks , Prison , Community , Society
Cronin, J. G. R. (2019) 'UCC enters Cork Prison: Transformative pedagogy through arts education', Learning Connections 2019: Spaces, People, Practice, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, 5-6 December, pp. 85-91. doi: 10.33178/LC.2019.18
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