Students with epilepsy, their experiences in school and with State exams

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Cooke, Sarah
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Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork
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This study will carry out research into the lives of students with epilepsy in relation to their school, learning experiences and state exams. This study is relevant as epilepsy is a very common condition, 1 in 115 people have epilepsy which is over 37,000 people in Ireland (Epilepsy Ireland, 2017). Most people have their first seizure before the age of 20, so many children of schooling age are affected by the condition. Research conducted by Thompson (1987) indicated that children with epilepsy are also at a significant risk of developing learning difficulties, with problems occurring in between 5-50% of such children. School can be a struggle for students with epilepsy who are experiencing seizures and therefore resulting in disruptions in their school days. Even a single seizure in a day can cause memory loss and they can often forget what they just learned. Learning problems can sometimes emerge due to seizures or medication which may cause a child to fall behind in school. A student’s memory, concentration and attention can be affected. Epilepsy can also cause students to miss days of school due to hospital visits or night time seizures.
Students with epilepsy , State exams , Seizure , Epilepsy Ireland , School disruption , Night time seizures , Hospital visits , Assistance for students
Cooke, S. (2017) Students with epilepsy, their experiences in school and with State exams. Cork: Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork.
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