An exploration of the experience of post-natal depression support services in Cork

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Murphy, Deirdre
Skinner, Helen
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Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork
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This research was carried out of behalf of Post Natal Depression Ireland (PND Ireland) in association with Community Academic Research Links (CARL). This is an initiative in University College Cork (UCC) which works with Civic Society Organisations (CSO) by assisting them with research they wish to pursue. In this case the research will be facilitated by two final year Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) students. The research explores the experiences of support services for mothers with post-natal depression in Cork. The research is a qualitative study based on interviews with mothers who have or had post-natal depression (PND) and professional support service providers. To facilitate this research a literature review of the social and medical constructions of post-natal depression was conducted. A previous study undertaken by (CARL) on behalf of PND Ireland in 2012, revealed the prevalence of PND and the importance of peer and professional supports in reducing the symptoms of PND. This study will make a distinctive contribution to research into how PND support services are experienced by mothers in Cork. In conducting personal interviews it will allow a depth of analysis based on the lived experiences of the mothers interviewed. It aims to identify what supports mothers with PND had access to, both professional and social supports, and whether the supports were beneficial or not. Building on this knowledge of what services are available the researchers seek to identify why support services are experienced in the manner in which they are.
Post-natal depression , Support services , Cork , PND Ireland
Murphy, D. and Skinner, H. (2013) An exploration of the experience of post-natal depression support services in Cork. Cork: Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork.
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©2013, Deirdre Murphy and Helen Skinner.