The form and meaning. When English language teachers learn to teach through drama

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Ding, Li
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Department of German, University College Cork
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This article investigates the challenges teachers experience while learning to teach English through drama in an action research project. Through closely examining the fundamental causes, it discerns the knowledge constituents crucial for successful learning and implementation of drama for English teaching. Difficulties are identified from three aspects: text selection and interpretation, translation into drama activities, and classroom implementation. Referring to Shulman’s teacher knowledge construct (1986, 1987), the author argues that drama pedagogy for English teaching demands a changed perspective on language regarding its form and meaning and also on drama as both subject and pedagogy. Only then can teachers effectively link language and drama and create a meaningful learning experience.
English-through-drama , Teacher training , Teachers' knowledge , Form and meaning of language and drama , Text analysis , Teachers' roles
Ding, L. (2022) 'The form and meaning. When English language teachers learn to teach through drama', Scenario: A Journal for Performative Teaching, Learning, Research, XVI(2), pp. 121-136.