Tunable terahertz filter/antenna-sensor using graphene-based metamaterials

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Esfandiyari, Meisam
Lalbakhsh, Ali
Jarchi, Saughar
Ghaffari-Miab, Mohsen
Simorangkir, Roy B. V. B.
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In this paper, a novel tunable graphene-based bandstop filter/antenna-sensor is presented. This structure is an integrated module that can be used to combine filtering and high-gain radiation performance. The initial design of the unit cell consists of four U-shaped stubs loaded, resembling the arms of a ring and a sensing layer in the substrate. The reflection and transmission spectra are obtained for various grapheneâ s chemical potentials and refractive index of sensing layer (Ns) of structure in the range of 1.3â 1.6 THz. The proposed structure exhibits the attributes of both dual-band filter and single-band antenna-sensor. The conductivity of graphene and its structural parameters are studied to optimize the component performance. In filtering mode, the first bandstop is from 1.23 to 1.6 THz equal to 26% of fractional bandwidth (FBW) at 1.415 THz. The second stopband is centered at 3.12 THz with FBW of 14% for Ns = 1.6 and 0.6 eV chemical potential. In the antenna mode, a single band of the antenna-sensor is centered at 1.95 THz for the same Ns and same chemical potential. It is shown that a sensitivity of 0.145 THz/RIU is achieved at Ns = 1.5 and chemical potential of 0.6 eV. Additionally, the performance of the proposed filter/antenna-sensor module is investigated for different wave polarizations and oblique angles.
Antenna-sensor , Dual band , Filter , Metamaterial , Multilayer graphene , Tunability
Esfandiyari, M., Lalbakhsh, A., Jarchi, S., Ghaffari-Miab, M. and Simorangkir, R. B. V. B. (2022) 'Tunable terahertz filter/antenna-sensor using graphene-based metamaterials', Materials and Design, 220, 110855 (10pp). doi: 10.1016/j.matdes.2022.110855
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