Quantitation of multiple injection dynamic PET scans: an investigation of the benefits of pooling data from separate scans when mapping kinetics

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Gu, Fengyun
O'Sullivan, Finbarr
Muzi, Mark
Mankoff, David A.
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Multiple injection dynamic positron emission tomography (PET) scanning is used in the clinical management of certain groups of patients and in medical research. The analysis of these studies can be approached in two ways: (i) separate analysis of data from individual tracer injections, or (ii), concatenate/pool data from separate injections and carry out a combined analysis. The simplicity of separate analysis has some practical appeal but may not be statistically efficient. We use a linear model framework associated with a kinetic mapping scheme to develop a simplified theoretical understanding of separate and combined analysis. The theoretical framework is explored numerically using both 1D and 2D simulation models. These studies are motivated by the breast cancer flow-metabolism mismatch studies involving 15O-water (H2O) and 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) and repeat 15O-H2O injections used in brain activation investigations. Numerical results are found to be substantially in line with the simple theoretical analysis: mean square error characteristics of alternative methods are well described by factors involving the local voxel-level resolution of the imaging data, the relative activities of the individual scans and the number of separate injections involved. While voxel-level resolution has dependence on scan dose, after adjustment for this effect, the impact of a combined analysis is understood in simple terms associated with the linear model used for kinetic mapping. This is true for both data reconstructed by direct filtered backprojection or iterative maximum likelihood. The proposed analysis has potential to be applied to the emerging long axial field-of-view PET scanners.
Dynamic PET , Non-parametric residue mapping , H2O-FDG dual-tracer study , Repeat H2O study , Combined kinetic analysis , FBP and ML reconstructions
Gu, F., O'Sullivan, F., Muzi, M. and Mankoff, D. A. (2021) 'Quantitation of multiple injection dynamic PET scans: an investigation of the benefits of pooling data from separate scans when mapping kinetics', Physics in Medicine & Biology, doi: