Data mining for sustainability analysis: an education approach

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Al-Tekreeti, Mustafa S.
Beheiry, Salwa M.
Alzaatreh, Ayman
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University College Cork
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Our planet’s population is increasing at a rapid pace and with it the demand for food and resources. Environmental Sustainability (ES), a part of Sustainable Development (SD) concepts and techniques, is key in mitigating the effects of resource overuse. Several indicators have been identified and used to develop ES measures such as an environmental performance index and an environmental vulnerability index. These indices are used to evaluate countries and provide support for decision-making regarding national mitigation strategies and climate risks. This paper describes an educational approach to raise ES awareness and improve SD analytical skills among doctoral level students in Engineering Systems Management. The data used in this paper is obtained from existing ES indices and available data. The students use data mining and analytics techniques to evaluate the data, find relationships, and draw conclusions. These techniques and conclusions are then shared in class presentations and conference publications. Data mining converts raw data into useful information that can be understood by different audiences. It can be used to persuade policymakers about the importance of sustainable strategies for a country, a society, or certain groups or individuals’ welfare by highlighting meaningful patterns and trends in ES. The paper also aims to investigate possible correlations among environmental indices and their underlying indicators.
Environmental sustainability (ES) , Sustainable development (SD) , Data mining , Engineering education
Mustafa S. Al-Tekreeti, M. S., Beheiry, S. M. and Alzaatreh, A. (2021) ‘Data Mining for Sustainability Analysis: An Education Approach’, EESD2021: Proceedings of the 10th Engineering Education for Sustainable Development Conference, 'Building Flourishing Communities', University College Cork, Ireland, 14-16 June.