Crystallographic and magnetic investigations of textured bismuth ferrite lead titanate layers

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Palizdar, Meghdad
Fancher, Chris M.
Mallick, Dhiman
Maity, Tuhin
Roy, Saibal
Jones, Jacob L.
Comyn, Tim P.
Suvaci, Ender
Bell, Andrew J.
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In present work we demonstrate the synthesis of textured 60BiFeO3-40PbTiO3 (60:40BFPT) by using the templated grain growth technique with platelets of BaTiO3. Synthesised 60:40BFPT has been examined by High-energy X-ray diffraction utilizing a synchrotron X-ray source. The crystallographic structure refinement results revealed the co-existence of monoclinic and tetragonal phases. By employing an external electric field, the mixed monoclinic/tetragonal phases transformed to the predominantly tetragonal phase. In addition, a crystallographic texture refinement was completed on unpoled state of 60:40BFPT which showed the sample had 1.3 multiples of random distribution (MRD) {100} crystallographic textured in tetragonal phase. However, magnetic measurements showed isotropic ferromagnetism for the sample which is not in agreement with the crystallographic texture properties of the sample. Low temperature magnetic transition has been found in zero field cooled – field cooled (ZFC-FC) measurements. This could be due to the possible existence of a secondary magnetic phase, which dominated the magnetic result.
Texture , Synchrotron , Phase transformation , Ferromagnetic
Palizdar, M., Fancher, C. M., Mallick, D., Maity, T., Roy, S., Jones, J. L., Comyn, T. P., Suvaci, E. and Bell, A. J. (2018) 'Crystallographic and magnetic investigations of textured bismuth ferrite lead titanate layers', Materials Research Express. doi:10.1088/2053-1591/aae0a9/meta
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