Site and sound: musical composition and site-specific performance – developing a creative practice through practical methodologies

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Lane, Tom Anton Zahlbruckner
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University College Cork
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This practice-based Ph.D. investigates ways of developing site-specific performances through a variety of methodologies in order to sonically address the relationships between space, mobility and sound, focussing on mobile communication technologies as well as objects and locations such as bridges and rivers. The central creative research questions developed from this experimental practice and process are as follows: how does one create site-specific performances using mobile technologies in urban spaces? How can sound and music be used to create performances in locations associated with movement such as trains, bridges and rivers? How can musical composition integrate spaces, locations and physical objects to create unique site-specific performances? The documented work in this thesis offers a wide range of pieces addressing these questions across different media, scales and locations. The various practical approaches to creating performances documents and reflects the development of a practice based on creating performances in specific locations. Through continuous experimentation with forms and methodologies, the challenges and opportunities of site-specific performances are approached through practical and creative solutions. Alongside the portfolio, a written thesis gives a detailed account of each step of the creative process. This includes personal diary entries describing specific sites and experiences as well as analysis and explanations of every level of creative decision making. In addition to this analysis of a creative practice, through the discussion and analysis of related literatures of site-specific performance, sound studies, and concepts of place-making, this Ph.D. establishes a theoretical framework to further explore issues raised by site-specific performance, foregrounding the aspects of sound and acoustic awareness in these contexts. Through continuous creative experimentation in the context of theoretical and practice-based research, this work extends and develops the legacies of sonic site-specific performance and composition while generating detailed approaches to offer further methods of creating future output.
Composition , Site-specific , Performance , Music , Theatre , Practice-based
Lane, T. A. Z. 2017. Site and sound: musical composition and site-specific performance – developing a creative practice through practical methodologies. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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