Crossing the boundary: The theory and practice dossier

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Abbatescianni, Davide
Connell, Dan
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Film and Screen Media, University College Cork
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The following dossier responds to the burgeoning interest in the area of academic creative practice that is expanding rapidly within the field of film and screen media, evidenced by the spate of practice-led and practice-based degrees being introduced in universities across the world. Increasingly, it seems that practitioners feel the need to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of film and screen media artworks through film theory while theoreticians aim to gain new, more profound perspectives on the creative process and the technical knowledge preceding the realisation of the finalised artworks. These new modes and intersections between theory and practice have produced an innovative and complex set of methods, expressions and approaches that are widening the scope of research in the area of film and media studies and blurring the traditional boundary between theory and practice. While these explorations complicate the formulation of precise, well-honed questions and adequate study methodologies, they also contribute to the production of a more vibrant and diversified research landscape.
Education , Creative practice , PhD , Screen production , Filmmaking
Abbatescianni, D. and Connell, D. (2019) 'Crossing the boundary: The theory and practice dossier', Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media, 17, pp. 165-168.