Improving oral healthcare using academic detailing – design of the ADVOCATE Field Studies

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Baâdoudi, F.
Duijster, D.
Maskrey, N.
Ali, F. M.
Listl, S.
Whelton, Helen
van der Heijden, G. J. M. G.
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Background: Academic detailing (AD) is a defined form of educational outreach that can be deployed to intrinsically motivate practitioners towards improving quality of care. This paper describes the design of the ADVOCATE Field Studies. This proof of concept study aims to evaluate the feasibility, acceptability and usefulness of AD, reinforced with feedback information to promote prevention-oriented, patient-centred and evidence-based oral healthcare delivery by general dental practitioners (GDPs). Methods: Six groups of GDPs will be recruited; two groups of six to eight GDPs in each of three countries – the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. GDPs will meet for four Academic Detailing Group (ADG) meetings for open discussions using comparative feedback data to stimulate debate about their dental practice performance and care delivery. Group meetings will be moderated using the AD methodology. Qualitative data will be collected through focus group interviews, an online discussion forum, field notes and debriefs of ADG meetings and analysed by conventional content analysis using MaxQDA software. Discussion: The results of the study will provide novel information on the feasibility, perceived acceptability and usefulness of AD and feedback data for GDPs to improve oral healthcare delivery.
Academic detailing , Oral healthcare , Dentistry , Evidence based care , Prevention , Patient-centred care , Intrinsic motivation
Baâdoudi, F., Duijster, D., Maskrey, N., Ali, F.M., Listl, S., Whelton, H. and van der Heijden, G.J.M.G., 2019. Improving oral healthcare using academic detailing–design of the ADVOCATE Field Studies. Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, (8pp). DOI:10.1080/00016357.2019.1582797