Dry mixing of spice powders - investigation of effect of powder properties on mixture quality of binary powder mixtures

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Shenoy, Pooja
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University College Cork
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Dry mixing of binary food powders was conducted in a 2L lab-scale paddle mixer. Different types of food powders such as paprika, oregano, black pepper, onion powder and salt were used for the studies. A novel method based on a digital colour imaging system (DCI) was developed to measure the mixture quality (MQ) of binary food powder mixtures. The salt conductivity method was also used as an alternative method to measure the MQ. In the first part of the study the DCI method was developed and it showed potential for assessing MQ of binary powder mixes provided there was huge colour difference between the powders. In the second and third part of the study the effect of composition, water content, particle size and bulk density on MQ was studied. Flowability of powders at various moisture contents was also investigated. The mixing behaviour was assessed using coefficient of variation. Results showed that water content and composition influence the mixing behavior of powders. Good mixing was observed up to size ratios of 4.45 and at higher ratios MQ disimproved. The bulk density had a larger influence on the MQ. In the final study the MQ evaluation of binary and ternary powder mixtures was compared by using two methods – salt conductivity method and DCI method. Two binary food and two quaternary food powder mixtures with different coloured ingredients were studied. Overall results showed that DCI method has a potential for use by industries and it can analyse powder mixtures with components that have differences in colour and that are not segregating in nature.
Mixing of powders , Dry mixing , Spices , Powder technology , Food powders
Shenoy, P. 2014. Dry mixing of spice powders - investigation of effect of powder properties on mixture quality of binary powder mixtures. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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