Trends in autoionization of Rydberg states converging to the 4s threshold in the Kr-Rb+-Sr2+ isoelectonic sequence: Theory and experiment

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Neogi, Amit
Kennedy, Eugene T.
Mosnier, Jean-Paul
van Kampen, Paul
Costello, John T.
O'Sullivan, Gerry
Mansfield, Michael W. D.
Demekhin, P. V.
Lagutin, B. M.
Sukhorukov, V. L.
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We have measured the photoabsorption spectra of the Kr-like ions Rb+ and Sr2+ at photon energies corresponding to the excitation of 4s-np resonances using, the dual laser plasma photoabsorption technique. Dramatic changes in the line profiles, with increasing ionization and also proceeding along the Rydberg series of each ion, are observed and explained by the trends in 4s-transition amplitudes computed within a framework of configuration-interaction Pauli-Fock calculations. Total photoionization cross sections show very good agreement with relative absorption data extracted from the measured spectra.
Atoms near-threshold , Ultraviolet absorption-spectrum , Amplified spontaneous emission , Theoretical cross-sections , Laser-generated plasma , Free-electron laser , Angular-distributions , Synchrotron-radiation , Photoionization , Ions
Neogi, A., Kennedy, E. T., Mosnier, J. P., van Kampen, P., Costello, J. T., O’Sullivan, G., Mansfield, M. W. D., Demekhin, P. V., Lagutin, B. M. and Sukhorukov, V. L. (2003) ‘Trends in autoionization of Rydberg states converging to the 4S threshold in the Kr − Rb+ − Sr2+ isoelectonic sequence: Theory and experiment', Physical Review A, 67(4), pp. 042707. (10pp). doi: 10.1103/PhysRevA.67.042707
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