Neuroanatomy of the spinal pathways: evaluation of an interactive multimedia e-learning resource

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Javaid, Muhammad Asim
Schellekens, Harriët
Cryan, John F.
Toulouse, André
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Association for Medical Education in Europe
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Introduction: A diminished number of young doctors opt for specialty neurology training and show reduced confidence in managing neurology patients and interlink difficulties in managing neurology patients with impaired understanding of neuroanatomy and associated clinical correlates. Aim: To evaluate an interactive e-resource for the neuroanatomy of the spinal pathways based on cognitive theories of multimedia learning in aiding medical students learn neuroanatomy. Methods: Using a single-blinded controlled experimental design, knowledge of the spinal pathways was assessed prior and after usage of the novel e-resource compared to control web resource. The perceived usefulness of the tool used was gauged using Likert-scale questionnaires. Results: Performance in the second assessment improved for all users but the learning gain of participants in the experimental groups was higher compared to participants who did not use e-resources. Likert-scale ratings revealed a significantly higher appreciation for the novel tool compared to the control tool when learning clinical correlates. Conclusions: Stronger correlations between the studentsâ perception of the tool used and their second assessment scores suggest that students favored the instructional design of the novel e-tool which shows promising results in bridging the gap between neuroanatomy knowledge and its clinical application.
Neuroanatomy , Anatomy education , Computer-aided instruction , Neurophobia
Javaid, M. A., Schellekens, H., Cryan, J. F. and Toulouse, A. (2020) 'Neuroanatomy of the spinal pathways: evaluation of an interactive multimedia e-learning resource', MedEdPublish, 9 (88), (29 pp). doi: 10.15694/mep.2020.000088.1
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