The development and evaluation of an online dementia resource for primary care based health professionals

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Jennings, Aisling A.
Boyle, Siobhán
Foley, Tony
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Elsevier Ltd.
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Background: Primary care based health professionals struggle with many aspects of dementia care. General practitioners (GPs) find providing post-diagnosis information on services and supports particularly challenging. Likewise, people with dementia and their family caregivers feel they need more support from their GPs in this post-diagnosis period. Objective: This study aimed to develop and evaluate an online educational resource for primary care health professionals that included a dementia specific services and supports directory. Method: A previously conducted educational needs analysis informed the content of the resource. This content was further developed by a review of the literature and through consultation with an expert reference group and a stakeholder group. A mixed method approach was taken to the evaluation of the online resource which included analysis of the website traffic, qualitative feedback from stakeholders and evaluation by general practitioners. Results: The online resource was developed. Initial qualitative feedback obtained from potential end-users was positive. Data analysis was performed on over 4000 people who accessed the site. Finally, the online resource was demonstrated to 190 general practitioners in 36 workshops. All of the general practitioners surveyed felt that would be a useful resource for them. Several potential barriers to the successful development and implementation of a services and supports directory were identified. Conclusion: This study provides a prototype for the development of an online dementia educational resource and demonstrates the value of a dementia-specific services and supports directory for primary care based health professionals.
Dementia , Primary care , General practitioners , Education , Social supports , Service directory
Jennings, A. A., Boyle, S. and Foley, T. (2018) 'The development and evaluation of an online dementia resource for primary care based health professionals', Internet Interventions, 11, pp. 47-52. doi: 10.1016/j.invent.2018.01.004