Treasure Ballybrannigan beach

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Rooney, Catherine
McKermott, Fiachra
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Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork
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The main aim of the project was to raise an awareness of the problems that Ballybranigan beach was facing in terms of the erosion damage that had been caused by the sea, and it was thought that if we could gather enough information about the beach, the extended area and how it is still used by the local people and tourists, that the council would be more easily convinced to make the necessary repairs. Approximately 3 months into the placement we were made aware that the council agreed to begin the repair work in the summer to have the beach re-opened. The placement began on 5th December 2017 after a meeting between ourselves, Dr. Malgorzata D’Aughton of UCC School of History, William O’Halloran and Martin Galvin from the CARL Initiative and Kevin Terry and Sean Fitzgerald from the Ballybrannigan community. Dr. D’ Aughton was our supervisor for this placement, and we also kept in constant contact with William from CARL and Kevin and Sean as well whenever we needed guidance on a particular matter. Beginning in December 2017 and ending in May 2018 our work on this project lasted approximately 6 months. It was never concentrated in one particular area, as we were not working in an institution or an office every day, rather we were working on the placement from various locations.
Treasure , Ballybrannigan Strand , Necessary repairs , Local amenity , Erosion damage , Ballybrannigan beach
Rooney, C. and McKermott, F. (2018) Treasure Ballybrannigan beach. Cork: Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork.
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©2018, Catherine Rooney and Fiachra McKermott.